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The Jimmy Hill Way Campaign (”JHW”) is a coalition of fan groups demanding a better future for Coventry City Football Club. It includes the Sky Blue TrustPreservation Sky Blues and Cov Fans Together.

Our objective is to persuade the current owners, Sisu Capital and their anonymous investors, to Sell Up and Go. Whenever Sisu take that decision, we will also seek to ensure that new owners have the best interests of Coventry City and its supporters as their main priority. We also expect true supporter representation and involvement in the future operation of the club.

The approach of JHW is to organise protests by supporters, comment via social media and active engagement with other parties who share our aims, including liaison and joint action with supporters’ groups at other clubs who have similar problems with owners. We will also bring pressure to bear on the EFL and FA to take appropriate action to prevent the further decline of our beloved and once-great club. All of this activity will be in support of the stated objective, persuading Sisu to Sell Up and Go.

As JHW makes reference to the Sky Blues’ greatest ever manager, our actions will be carefully considered to avoid bringing the name of Jimmy Hill into disrepute. We are grateful to the Hill family for giving their permission to use his name in connection with our struggle. We ask that all our supporters respect that ethos.

We do not anticipate that this will be a short campaign. No single protest will bring our goal to fruition. This will be a strategy of persistence and determination until such time as Ms Joy Seppala and her hedge fund recognise that they are not welcome and that it is Time to Go.

Our Campaign slogan “Fighting The Jimmy Hill Way” echoes the final line of the song that Jimmy wrote and we all sing at every game: “We’ll Fight ‘til the Game is Won”. Ms Seppala, Tim Fisher and any who oppose us, you would do well to take heed. We are not going away, we will be on your case from now until you leave. The sooner you take the decision to Sell Up and Go, the better for all concerned.

And of course, whatever our issues with the owners of the club, more than anything we want success on the pitch.

We will continue to “Sing Together” with all City fans in support of the team, home and away – PLAY UP SKY BLUES!

On behalf of the Jimmy Hill Way Campaign, I have today written an Open Letter to Tim Fisher, making the following points:

  • Relegation to the 4th tier of English Football, the lowest position occupied by CCFC since 1958/59, is a very sorrowful moment for all fans of the club.
  • The pain of supporters has not been acknowledged by any form of apology from Mr Fisher or Ms Joy Seppala.
  • This is in sharp contrast to the prompt statement from TF defending the much-criticised Season Ticket pricing for 2017/18.
  • Supporters in their hearts will want to back Mark Robins and the players in their efforts to climb out of League 2.
  • At the same time, there is a lack of confidence in TF’s ability to run Coventry City FC in light of the appalling record of failures, on and off the field.
  • Many supporters are therefore not inclined to throw good money after bad.
  • The commitment and unstinting loyalty of fans who are renewing Season Tickets is fully respected.
  • It appears likely that Sisu’s continued ownership, freeze on investment and TF’s continued position on the Board of Directors will result in an unsatisfactory uptake of Season Tickets, which is an unwelcome situation and unhelpful to Mark Robins.
  • TF should accept responsibility for the misfortunes of Coventry City and resign.
  • Soundings amongst fans indicate that his continued involvement is a fundamental obstacle to Season Ticket Renewals.
  • Many fans have indicated that they would willingly invest in a Season Ticket if TF resigns by the end of this month.
  • Further stimulus to revenue would arise from a commitment by Sisu to invest additional significant funds in the playing budget made available to Mark Robins, as an act of contrition for disastrous stewardship which has culminated in the latest relegation.
  • ST sales may even increase if Sisu put the club up for sale on realistic terms.
  • It is imperative that these actions are taken to maximise vital ticketing revenue.
  • Unwillingness to do so would mean the blame for reduced income and its consequences will lie squarely with TF and JS.

The full text of the letter follows:

Coventry and Charlton Fans Join Forces

Our thanks to Simon Shaw, for permission to use his video! 

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