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A fellow supporter, Steven Fay, is organising a March from the Cherry Tree Club 80-82 Lythalls Lane, CV6 6FP to the Ricoh Arena, departing at 1pm tomorrow before the game against Walsall.

Although the Jimmy Hill Way is not involved in the organisition of this event, some of us will be joining the march as we certainly support Steven's views and intentions, as described in his own words below:

"There are many reason behind this cause and it is to show the rest of the football world and the media how frustrated we are as Coventry City fans.

"We are not happy with the people in charge of the club that are taking it into the ground and potentially destroying the club we all love. We want SISU to sell up and Fisher and Sepalla to leave. We know they don't care about Coventry City football club due to the lack of actions they are doing to keep this club alive and to continue progressing. 

"Us as Coventry City fans and supporters will not tolerate the Sky Blues playing home matches anywhere but in Coventry itself and the owners and the EFL must recognize this. Neither will we tolerate the attempts of SISU / Otium to liquidate our club if a long term deal to play at the RIcoh Arena cannot be obtained. We do not want no more point deductions either as this will humiliate the teams hard work and efforts to get us promoted last year. Why would we want all that hard work undone? 

"All the fans can see the blatant reckless behavior by SISU. The EFL warned that Coventry City cannot play outside of Coventry again yet SISU still proceeded with the appeal risking our status in the football league and potential future. 

"We want the EFL to see our protest march to demonstrate how much we love our club and how much we are willing to try save what could be our last year of existence, We will keep marching and protesting if we have to. We would like the EFL to take whatever actions they need to to help save our club and stop it becoming just a memory.

"Coventry city has a lot of followers that would be willing to get to the games and potentially sell out the stadium week in week out, look at the last two years at Wembley, We took 40,000 + fans for a league 2 side. We took just as much as premiership teams take to the big games at the arena. If we had new owners who give us the faith we all want and deserve we would be their in our numbers, wearing our colours supporting our team and Mark Robins in the progression the the premiership where we as Coventry City belong."


We wish Steven much success in his efforts and hope that like-minded supporters will join a lawful demonstration of the passion we all feel for the Sky Blues and their rightful place in the City of Coventry, the Ricoh Arena.


David Johnson


The Jimmy Hill Way Campaign