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Descendants of the founders of Coventry City Football Club, George Singer and Willie Stanley, have responded to the recent statement made by the English Football League about the football club’s future:


ANNABEL LEVEAUX (Great, Great Grand-daughter of George Singer)

"George Singer, my great, great grandfather, formed a strong bond with his employees.  He actively encouraged the formation of Singer Football Club in 1883.  Workers also formed a rugby union team.  Sport and recreation was regarded as integral to the well-being of the workforce.  During his office as Lord Mayor of Coventry he championed the introduction of various public services for the benefit of the city's population.  In many respects he was ahead of his time.

“In 1898 he endorsed the name change to Coventry City Football Club and must have been very proud to see the works team develop into a club fit to represent the city of Coventry.  Now the club's very existence is under threat due to erroneous litigation by the current owner.  My message to Joy Seppala is very simple.  You have a duty of care to protect this 135 year-old institution.  Cease the legal action and commence constructive talks".


IAN DEVOY (Great Grandson of Willie Stanley)

"My great grandfather, Willie Stanley, must be turning in his grave.  He and his fellow bicycle machinists were pioneers of the association game in Coventry.  He would be shocked and angry to learn the football club which he formed has been damaged by the current owner to the extent it could cease to exist.  The football club established itself as an important part of our community. 

“Generations of supporters have since followed the Sky Blues, in the good times and the bad times.  But they have never experienced the pending disaster the club faces today.  If SISU had built the new stadium they promised we would not face the prospect of being homeless.  The best solution to solve the problem is for Joy Seppala to stop the litigation process, something which the vast majority of supporters would welcome.  You have to ask the question: Has she really got the best interests of CCFC at heart?      


The above statements were made to Lionel Bird, CCFC historian and contributor to the Jimmy Hill Way Campaign.





David Johnson


The Jimmy Hill Way Campaign